AC / EC 47 AS Ice cube machine air cooled

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      Product description

      The fast cooling effect of the slowly dissolving ice cube ensures that drinks gain in taste, attractiveness and quality. The (thimble-shaped) gourmet ice cubes from Scotsman are pure, hard, compact (without holes), crystal clear and melted. Gourmet ice cubes are formed by spraying water on a supercooled horizontal evaporator. While the purest water molecules are first to freeze into ice cubes, fresh water is sprayed to wash away the non-frozen water minerals, thereby preventing turbidity of the ice just formed. The minerals are collected in the water collector and then removed together with the rinsing water before a new freezing cycle is started. The Gourmet ice cubes are therefore purer than the water from which they are made!

      The unique features of the Scotsman ice machines:
      • The rounded corners ensure a stylish, modern visual delight. The greatly improved accessibility ensures easy cleaning.
      • The door of the ice bunker on the front panel, entirely with modern shapes, glides smoothly over the guides and, when closed, gently bumps into two rubber inlays that dampen the flapping.
      • For more convenience and hygiene, the ice cube scoop can now be stored in a special container inside the storage bunker.
      • In the same housing is the alarm that sounds when too much dust or grease has accumulated on the condenser air filter. In addition, this alarm also notifies the operator when the device is ready for a cleaning cycle.
      • There is an active antimicrobial vapor bag with a gradual release next to the door of the ice bunker. To maintain the hygiene of the ice in the ice bunker you only have to replace that bag regularly.
      • Thanks to the unique PWD system, which ensures a progressive drainage, you do not have to worry about the distance or the height of the drainage and your ice will stay out of the reach of algae or microbes present in stagnant drainage water.
      • Hygiene is crucial in storing ice. Scotsman offers you a simple but efficient system that allows you to apply extreme hygiene without compromise: the use of a food-safe antimicrobial component stored in a pouch, which is located behind the door of the bunker. It is therefore sufficient to replace the pouch with the antimicrobial at regular intervals in order to keep the supply of ice cubes as hygienic as possible.
      • The anti-scale system patented by Scotsman efficiently limits the deposits of minerals in the water pipes and in the spraying system. With the rubber cap, the minerals that accumulate spontaneously in the water during the freezing and ice formation cycles are collected and removed manually. By carrying out this quick and easy operation regularly, your Gourmet ice cubes from Scotsman will retain their clarity and perfect shape.
      Technology EC series
      Condenser air filter
      To prevent the ice production from steadily decreasing, the condenser air filter must not be impeded by dust accumulation. The air-cooled machines from the Scotsman 6-series are all equipped with an air filter that is placed near the condenser to prevent dust accumulation. The particularly high-performance and user-friendly filter can be removed in no time via the front of the device; the “Clean me” indicator light comes on when the filter needs to be cleaned. The removal and subsequent rinsing of the filter under the tap is done in no time!
      ESS: Energy saving system
      The ESS system ensures an optimization of the effectiveness of the ice production cycles and thus for a better quality of the ice in combination with reduced energy costs.
      HSS: Horizontal spray system
      Minerals, which are usually present in water, influence the brightness of the ice and can give rise to unattractive white ice cubes. The HSS system from Scotsman sprays water on the horizontal evaporator, whereby only the purest water is converted into ice: the result is solid, slowly melting crystal clear ice cubes.
      WPS: Water cleaning system
      During the freezing process, the purest water freezes in a first phase, after which the remaining water and minerals flow back to the water collector. The water cleaning system first rinses the water collector before starting a new production cycle, which ensures crystal-clear ice cubes throughout the life of the machine.
      THC: Concept Total Hygiene
      There is no material better suited for food than stainless steel. The Scotsman machines consist of a stainless steel frame and side panels that guarantee high durability against rust, smooth maintenance and maximum hygiene. The large and easily accessible areas for ice storage ensure that it is cleaned without difficulty.
      Muted door closure
      For hygienic reasons, the door of an ice bunker containing the ice cubes must always remain closed. The sound-absorbing rubber inserts soften the noise when the ice falls into the storage bunker after the ice-forming cycle, thus extending the life of the door-locking mechanism.
      ACC: Adaptive cycle management
      Fluctuations in the ambient temperature or unusual ambient temperatures affect both the ice production and its quality. The adaptive cycle management from Scotsman electronically adjusts both the freeze-forming cycle and the collection cycle to the ambient temperature and the temperature of the water; machine functions for fine adjustment that ensure the best performance and the production of ice cubes of the highest possible ice quality.
      BIF: Installation option
      Built-in installations are the order of the day. The design of ice machines must be suitable for installation with limited air circulation. The front panel with grille, which ensures the flow of fresh ventilation air to the condenser, is part of the standard version of the Scotsman models intended for operation under the counter, ensures more ease of installation and easy accessibility of the connections and controls.
      On / off main switch
      The eye-catching, superbly stylized and illuminated main switch ensures ease of use!


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